Lucid Lite

LucidShape is the most powerful and advanced computer aided designing software for lighting design tasks. It's friendly and very extensive user-interface enables engineers from all over the world to create all kinds of reflectors and other lighting applications in very short time.

  • computer aided lighting
  • calculate lighting geometry
  • form follows function
  • fast simulation & analysis

LucidShape Version 2.0

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LucidShape G

LucidShapeG is a powerful software tool for the design of lighting systems and optical components. This special edition for general lighting combines versatile state-of-the-art lighting tools with an intuitive design interface and extraordinary accurate photometric raytracing capabilities.

  • computer aided lighting for general lighting application
  • calculate lighting geometry
  • form follows function
  • fast simulation & analysis

LucidShape G Version 2.0

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LucidDrive is a standalone Night Driving Simulation. It makes use of the latest modern graphics hardware technology to show almost photorealistic lighting scenes in real time. The primary function of LucidDrive is to evaluate beam patterns of vehicle headlamps under conditions as realistic as possible. It is an ideal software tool to provide the virtual reality simulation, prior to expensive fabrication and testing.

  • virtual night drive
  • judging headlamp beam pattern
  • develop headlamps in motion (AFS)
  • modules for automatic drive, manual drive and multi screen
  • road editor for easy scene creation

LucidDrive Version 1.6.0

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LucidLite is a flexible tool for the display, analysis and manipulation of all kinds of light data. Simulation results or goniometer measurements of real lighting fixtures can be viewed, edited and converted. It thus covers a specific subarea of LucidShape┬┤s powerful optical design functionality.

  • subset of LucidShape
  • display of light distribution
  • analysis of light
  • light laboratory tool
  • side tool to LucidDrive

LucidLite Version 2.0

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GPUtrace is the new simulation method available in LucidShape. It is similar to the MonteCarlo method using the same options and parameters, but the major advantage is the additional use of the graphic card. Some parts of the computing are transferred to the GPU, where the calculation is magnitudes as fast as on a common CPU due to the special architecture of the GPU.

  • use graphic processor for light ray trace
  • first use of GPU in computer aided lighting
  • up to 30 times fasterdd on module to LucidShape
quoteI am pretty amazed. Normal simulation with 4 processors takes 19 min., same simulation with GPUtrace took 20.8sec. Good job!!!!
Janne Lindholm, Nordic Lightsquote

GPUtrace New

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Brandenburg Services

We offer consultancy and design services to all manufacturers of interior and exterior lighting systems. Integrated in our customers product development projects, we take over CAL design duties within different areas of optical projects.

  • lighting design & consulting
  • automotive and general lighting
  • various technologies from "classical" source to LEDs
  • available network for the complete development process